At this point in your studies, you will begin to study each of the three realms of Romantic Healthcare, going into the detail of their laws and principles as well as the general rules, modes and forms of therapeutic application.

This part can be studied even if you do not intend to become a practitioner of one or more of these realms. 

You can study one or more of these realms, though there is a sequence for their study. You start with therapeutic regimen (dealing with disorders), then therapeutic medicine (dealing with diseases) and finally therapeutic education 

In the first level of Romantic Healthcare, you will learn about its fundamental principles, which at the same time form the basis for Dynamic Regimen lying at the foundation of Romantic Healthcare and involving the sustentive side of the Living Power (Dynamic Medicine being a special and particular subset arising out of Dynamic Regimen, involving the generative side and addressed later in its own course). The study material will reprise and then advance the general introductory material given in Romantic Science III.

At this second level and in the various units contained in it, you will learn about the details regarding the history and therapeutic content of key contributors to the dynamic system, their ideas, concepts and specific treatment recommendations for correcting disorders and restoring and maintaining homeostasis (also with the possibility of shifting this optimal point so as to optimize one’s longevity potential).

At the third level you will learn how to integrate what you have studied into a principled system grounded in natural law that can be used to help someone regain and maintain health at the level of the physis (sustentive power).

This part of Dynamic Medicine covers the first half of the Philosophy and Principles material, involving the foundational concepts and principles.

This part involves the more advanced concepts and principles related to Dynamic Medicine.