School for Romantic Science and Healthcare

Welcome to the School of Romantic Science and Healthcare, of the Center for Romantic Science and Health. You have chosen a dynamic gymnasium for the development and evolution of your mind and consciousness, as well as for training, if you choose, to become an effective and proficient practitioner of one or more aspects of the system of Romantic Healthcare.

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This provides the foundational studies in Western history, philosophy, science, and culture generally necessary for further study. This level also constitutes a study of Western culture and civilization that is valuable in its own right for anyone wishing to expand and develop their mind and understanding similar to (but much more dynamic and meaningful than) the traditional college level ‘liberal arts’ degree – Western history, philosophy, language, literature, as well as the history and philosophy of science. 

At this level, you will study the more specific developments in Western philosophy,science and health involving the study of life, mind and consciousness that came to a focus in the Romantic movement at the end of the 1700s and start of the 1800s. You will learn the antecedents of this seminal event in Western culture, drawing from your general foundational studies, and then examine the general ideas and basis for the Romantic approach to science, in particular the science of healthcare, which challenges the received materialistic-mechanistic reductionism that came to dominate Western science and medicine, and is now again being challenged in various ways by ‘wholistic’, ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ approaches to health. What these approaches are lacking is a methodical, systematic basis in philosophy and science, one that Romantic Science and Healthcare provides (to be studied in more detail at the next level)

 At this level, you will learn the specific scientific basis for each of the three realms of Romantic Healthcare: therapeutic regimen, medicine and therapeutic education, as well as how they inter-relate and form a systematic and methodological approach to disorders and diseases of the body and the mind. 

In the first level of Romantic Healthcare, you will learn about its fundamental principles, which at the same time form the basis for Dynamic Regimen lying at the foundation of Romantic Healthcare and involving the sustentive side of the Living Power (Dynamic Medicine being a special and particular subset arising out of Dynamic Regimen, involving the generative side and addressed later in its own course). The study material will reprise and then advance the general introductory material given in Romantic Science III.

At this second level and in the various units contained in it, you will learn about the details regarding the history and therapeutic content of key contributors to the dynamic system, their ideas, concepts and specific treatment recommendations for correcting disorders and restoring and maintaining homeostasis (also with the possibility of shifting this optimal point so as to optimize one’s longevity potential).

At the third level you will learn how to integrate what you have studied into a principled system grounded in natural law that can be used to help someone regain and maintain health at the level of the physis (sustentive power).

This part of Dynamic Medicine covers the first half of the Philosophy and Principles material, involving the foundational concepts and principles.

This part involves the more advanced concepts and principles related to Dynamic Medicine.

This course is the pre-clinical preparation for any student seeking to do the combined Dynamic Regimen and Dynamic Medicine, after completion of both programs of study. 

This program provides all parents, day-care workers, camp counsellors and others responsible for the health-care of individuals or groups of people with a basic, but thorough knowledge of homeopathy and Heilkunst in first-aid, emergency situations pending expert evaluation and treatment. This gives you all the tools you need to handle such situations as food poisonings, insect bites, burns, sprains, colds, earaches, coughs and other situations requiring immediate aid. Often, the need for further treatment is eliminated and recovery is speeded up considerably. 

This diploma program provides a comprehensive foundation for the treatment of complex cases using a sequential approach to the removal of various shocks and traumas in a person's lifetime and the comprehensive treatment of chronic miasms (often referred to as sequential homeopathy), as well as the treatment of deeper states of disease involving what is known as the chthonic realm and the ideogenic realm, plus training in dynamic regimen and how to handle acute cases using first-aid and homeopathic prescribing.

This is an ideal program for those wishing to start practicing as soon as possible, while still gaining training in using a highly effective and comprehensive approach that gets at the core of complex and chronic cases. While developing a practice, you will also be able to work on gaining further knowledge and expertise regarding additional aspects of Heilkunst treatment in a manner that meets your schedule.

Graduates of the DSH can opt to continue their studies by enrolling in the Romantic Sciences program to explore deeper methods of treatment.